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EV Charging Stations — Are They There Yet?

For all the talk about the energy transition and the robust growth in electric vehicle sales, there’s one big reason for unease: getting charged. The new Backgrounder takes a deep dive on the state of EV charging stations in the United States, exploring Tesla’s diminishing dominance, coming charger standardization, charging levels, software and for-pay realities, plus the effects of government policy.

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New California Bill Could Allow Developers To Cut Down More Joshua Trees

"Environmentalists warn that a California Democrat’s bill “drives a bulldozer” through the state’s new law that protects imperiled Joshua trees from commercial development. But the lawmaker says his impoverished desert region desperately needs the economic boost."

Source: CalMatters, 05/03/2024

"Florida Says No to Federal Funding Aimed at Greenhouse Gas Emissions"

"Florida gave up $3 million in federal grant funding and as much as $500 million more by declining to participate in a Biden administration program aimed at helping states address the human-caused emissions warming the global climate."

Source: Inside Climate News, 05/02/2024


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