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Louisiana Was Open To Cancer Alley Concessions. Then EPA Dropped Probe

"For more than a year, the Environmental Protection Agency investigated whether Louisiana officials discriminated against Black residents by putting them at increased cancer risk. Federal officials said they had found evidence of discrimination and were pressuring the state to strengthen oversight of air pollution from industrial plants."

Source: AP, 11/02/2023
November 6, 2023 to November 14, 2023

U.S. EPA Virtual Open House for Community, Equity and Resiliency

Join the U.S. EPA virtually, Nov 6-14, for panel series discussions and fireside chats exploring the Inflation Reduction Act investments in environmental and climate justice, and other funding opportunities, through the President Biden’s Investing in America agenda.

November 1, 2023

The Solutions Project: Justice40 Accelerator Virtual Press Call

The Solutions Project invites journalists to a virtual event on how President Biden’s Justice40 Initiative is advancing environmental justice and supporting innovative climate solutions led by disadvantaged communities. 12:30 pm ET.

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"Global Discord Threatens COP28 Climate Talks, EU Commissioner Says"

"The need for agreement to tackle global warming is "higher than ever", but it has never been harder as the geopolitical backdrop complicates international cooperation, the European Union's climate chief said on Monday ahead of next month's COP28 summit."

Source: Reuters, 10/31/2023

"‘Get The Right Cases To The Supreme Court’: Inside Charles Koch’s Network"

"The Koch network, a web of rightwing groups cultivated by billionaire businessman Charles Koch and his late brother David Koch, is spearheading the attack on federal agencies and government regulations that dominates the US supreme court agenda this term."

Source: Guardian, 10/30/2023

High-Risk Reporting Yields Results on Palm Oil Investigation

The devastation caused by the Amazonian palm oil industry was at the heart of an investigation by Mongabay reporter Karla Mendes. But first she had to face hostile sources, intransigent regulators and a robbery attempt. Ultimately, the project not only won a reporting prize from the Society of Environmental Journalists but brought global awareness and government action. Her experience, in Inside Story Q&A.

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New Climate Vulnerability Index Made for Local, Regional Stories

For environmental journalists looking to get granular on their coverage of climate risk, Reporter’s Toolbox recommends a new collaborative effort that integrates dozens of separate datasets to provide insights down to the census-tract level. Because it can also be cross-indexed by subjects like health and socioeconomics, it’s particularly useful for environmental justice reporting. Toolbox walks you through the new Climate Vulnerability Index.

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