Environmental Justice

"Indigenous Groups Cede Forest Rights For Sketchy Finance"

"Several companies registered in Latin American countries claiming to have U.N. endorsement have persuaded Indigenous communities to hand over the economic rights to their forests for decades to come, a Mongabay investigation has found. The companies share commercial interests across various jurisdictions, and have not been able to demonstrate experience in sustainable finance projects."

Source: Mongabay, 01/05/2024

"Secretive Hydrogen Hub Talks Test Energy Agency Community Plans"

"The Biden administration is negotiating with hydrogen industry leaders on legally binding commitments involving tens of thousands of new jobs and lower emissions, a pledge crucial to winning community support and achieving US environmental justice goals."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 01/04/2024

Proposed Youngstown Tires-To-Gas Plant Paused Over Environmental Justice

"Officials in Youngstown, Ohio, have dealt a setback to a company’s plan to build and operate a recycled tire waste-to-energy plant near the center of the city and adjacent to a neighborhood of predominantly Black residents, enacting a one-year moratorium on such industrial processes."

Source: Inside Climate News, 01/04/2024

‘Major’ Problem in Texas: Polluters Evade Federal Law and Get Away With It

"Industrial developers describe facilities as “minor” polluters to avoid federal permitting requirements, and environmental lawyers say the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality lets it happen."

Source: Inside Climate News, 01/03/2024

"Many on Gulf Coast Say Time Is Running Out For EPA To Act On Toxic Air"

"As a girl growing up near refineries and chemical factories in this part of the Gulf Coast, 77-year-old Lois Malvo thought nothing of the way her eyes burned when she played outside. Now she sees dangers all around her."

Source: Washington Post, 01/02/2024

Environmental Digital Storytelling — A Best-in-Show Sampler

As part of its periodic survey of the compelling work by digital journalists using data and multimedia, Reporter’s Toolbox looks at some favorite projects in the last year or so. On the list are granular maps and spinning globes, compelling photo essays and clickable storytelling. But the heart of the best digital journalism, Toolbox reminds us, is that it matters. And these do.

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