Environmental Justice

Louisiana Plastics Plant Faces 2+ Year Delay For Environmental Review

"A new, more stringent review of the environmental impacts of a massive proposed plastics plant along the Mississippi River in St. James Parish will likely take more than two years."

Source: Baton Rouge Advocate, 11/02/2021

"A Big New Forest Initiative Sparks Concerns of a ‘Carbon Heist’"

"Major funding to finance forest conservation projects is set to be announced at the UN climate summit next week. But some environmentalists contend the LEAF program could exclude the Indigenous people who have long protected the forests that the initiative aims to save."

Source: YaleE360, 11/01/2021

"‘Last, Best Hope:’ Leaders Launch Crucial UN Climate Summit"

"GLASGOW, Scotland — A crucial U.N. climate summit opened Sunday amid papal appeals for prayers and activists’ demands for action, kicking off two weeks of intense diplomatic negotiations by almost 200 countries aimed at slowing intensifying global warming and adapting to the climate damage already underway."

Source: AP, 11/01/2021

"EPA Unveils Strategy For Reducing Lead Exposure"

"The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Thursday announced a revised strategy for reducing lead exposure, with a focus on communities that have had a disproportionate amount.

The draft plan would focus on identifying communities with especially high levels of both lead exposure and blood lead levels. The agency would next develop national standards and guidance to address those exposures and enforce existing regulations.

Source: The Hill, 10/29/2021

Enviros Petition EPA To Rescind Factory Farms’ “Free Pass To Pollute”

"A coalition of environmental and animal rights groups petitioned the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) yesterday to abandon a "sweetheart" deal with factory farm owners—and start enforcing air pollution regulations."

Source: EHN, 10/29/2021

"Forced Relocation Left Native Americans More Exposed to Climate Threats"

"Centuries of land loss and forced relocation have left Native Americans significantly more exposed to the effects of climate change, new data show, adding to the debate over how to address climate change and racial inequity in the United States."

Source: NYTimes, 10/29/2021

Human Rights Group To Investigate Uranium Contamination On Navajo Nation

"Rita Capitan has been worrying about her water since 1994. It was that autumn she read a local newspaper article about another uranium mine, the Crownpoint Uranium Project, getting under way near her home. Capitan has spent her entire life in Crownpoint, New Mexico, a small town on the eastern Navajo Nation, and is no stranger to the uranium mining that has persisted in the region for decades."

Source: Guardian, 10/28/2021

Indigenous Leaders Push Land Tenure Rights As Climate Solution At COP26

"Indigenous leaders from around the world will join government officials, scientists, activists, and NGO representatives at the U.N. climate summit in Scotland to highlight the role of Indigenous peoples in providing climate mitigation and adaptation solutions."

Source: Mongabay, 10/28/2021


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