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Asthma Data — A Starting Point for Key Environment-Health Stories

Whether marginalized communities suffering from asthma or cities cloaked in smoke from far-away wildfires, journalists looking to connect public health and environmental concerns around air pollution will find much of the data they need via the Centers for Disease Control’s asthma surveillance data. The latest Reporter’s Toolbox outlines the source and smart ways to use it.

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"‘Death Star’ Law Will End Water Breaks For Texas Workers"

"Water breaks will no longer be guaranteed for construction workers in Austin and Dallas when a new state law that prevents municipalities from regulating everything from evictions to payday loans takes effect next month."

Source: E&E News, 08/07/2023

"Biden Expected To Designate Grand Canyon Monument"

"President Joe Biden is expected to designate a new national monument protecting lands outside the Grand Canyon National Park during his trip to Arizona next week, according to three people who work for conservation groups familiar with the plans."

Source: E&E News, 08/07/2023

"'Narco-Deforestation' In Focus At Upcoming Summit Of Amazon Nations"

"When the presidents of Amazon nations including Brazil, Peru and Colombia meet at a regional summit next week, they will train their sights on a new breed of criminal just as comfortable chopping down the rainforest as shipping drugs overseas."

Source: Reuters, 08/03/2023

"Big Business Lobbies Against Heat Protections For Workers As US Boils"

"Big-business lobbyists, including big agricultural and construction groups, are pushing to water down or stymie efforts at the federal and state levels to implement workplace heat protection standards."

Source: Guardian, 08/01/2023

Heat Illuminates Plight Of Poorest Americans Without Air Conditioning

"As Denver neared triple-digit temperatures, Ben Gallegos sat shirtless on his porch swatting flies off his legs and spritzing himself with a misting fan to try to get through the heat. Gallegos, like many in the nation’s poorest neighborhoods, doesn’t have air conditioning."

Source: AP, 07/31/2023

"Biden Announces Steps to Help Communities Deal With Extreme Heat"

"President Biden directly linked recent record heat waves with climate change on Thursday and announced new measures aimed at helping communities endure extreme weather, as rising temperatures scorch much of the country and amplify alarms about global warming."

Source: NYTimes, 07/28/2023

"Court Tosses EPA Permit Order For Troubled St. Croix Refinery"

"A federal appeals court said Tuesday that EPA went too far when it subjected an oil refinery in the U.S. Virgin Islands to a costly, multiyear permitting process in order to restart operations."

Source: E&E News, 07/26/2023


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