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"In the Game of Musical Mines, Environmental Damage Takes a Back Seat"

"Jeff Hoops built Blackjewel into the nation’s sixth largest coal company by acquiring bankrupt mines. When it declared bankruptcy, he pivoted to other ventures, leaving polluted streams and mud-shrouded roads in his wake."

Source: ProPublica, 04/27/2023

"Top US Banks Face Little Investor Pressure On Fossil-Fuel Financing"

"Top U.S. bank investors gave only slim support on Tuesday to shareholder resolutions calling for the lenders to wind down new fossil fuel financing, setbacks for climate activists who had hoped for new constraints on the oil and gas industries."

Source: Reuters, 04/26/2023

"E.P.A. to Propose First Controls on Greenhouse Gases From Power Plants"

"President Biden’s administration is poised to announce limits on greenhouse gas emissions from power plants that could compel them to capture the pollution from their smokestacks, technology now used by fewer than 20 of the nation’s 3,400 coal and gas-fired plants, according to three people who were briefed on the rule."

Source: NYTimes, 04/24/2023

DC’s Biggest Clean Energy Lobby Group Pushes Natural Gas-Friendly Policy

"On two of the most consequential decisions facing Congress and the Biden administration on energy and climate change, the nation’s newest and largest clean power industry group has decisively aligned itself with companies that want to preserve markets for natural gas."

Source: Inside Climate News, 04/21/2023

"Biden to Pledge $500 Million to Stop Deforestation in Brazil"

"The promise to help Brazil protect the Amazon must be approved by Congress, where Republicans are opposed to foreign climate aid."

"WASHINGTON — The Biden administration on Thursday will pledge $500 million over five years to fight deforestation in Brazil, a White House official said, in a move that would make the United States one of the largest donors to the global Amazon Fund.

Source: NYTimes, 04/20/2023


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