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New Docs Show Oil Companies Slow-Rolling, Overselling Climate Initiatives

"Congressional Democrats presented fresh evidence Thursday which they say proves that oil companies are continuing to mislead the public on climate change and undercut global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions."

Source: Inside Climate News, 09/16/2022

Biden Goes To Detroit, Pledges Electrification

"President Biden extolled the potential of electric vehicles to boost the economy and reduce America’s contribution to climate change, and sought to ease worries about the reliability of EV technology, during a speech at the Detroit Auto Show on Wednesday."

Source: Washington Post, 09/15/2022

Fill Your Plate With Chicken Stories

Chicken production in the United States is a colossal industry controlled by a few vertically integrated companies. On a much smaller scale, it’s also heritage breeds and increasingly popular backyard flocks. As the latest avian flu outbreak makes headlines, journalist Christine Heinrichs looks at environmental reporting opportunities related to poultry pathogens, pollution and more.

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"Clean Energy Projects Surge After Climate Bill Passage"

"In the weeks since President Biden signed a comprehensive climate bill devised to spur investment in electric cars and clean energy, corporations have announced a series of big-ticket projects to produce the kind of technology the legislation aims to promote."

Source: NYTimes, 09/07/2022


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