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"Big Companies Cashed In on Mississippi’s Water. Small Towns Paid the Price."

"They vowed to fix water woes and save cities millions. But a Times investigation found the deals racked up debt and left many worse off than before."

Source: NYTimes, 02/06/2024

"Atmospheric River Lashes California With Heavy Rain And Wind"

"A firehose of rain has parked over Southern California, worsening the risk of flooding. At least two people have died as a result of falling trees and more than 16 million people are under a rare high risk of excessive rainfall, with downtown Los Angeles receiving 75% of its annual rainfall in only the second month of 2024."

Source: CNN, 02/06/2024

Cannabis Grower To Pay $750,000 For Violating State Water, Wildlife Regs

"State officials said a Humboldt County cannabis operation took water from streams and damaged wetlands for years without authorization. The owner called the fine extreme and unfair but agreed to pay and restore wetlands."

Source: CalMatters, 02/05/2024

2nd Storm In Days Slams California, Knocking Out Power And Flooding Roads

"The second of back-to-back atmospheric rivers churned slowly through California early Monday, flooding roadways and knocking out power to hundreds of thousands of people and prompting a rare warning for hurricane-force winds as the already soggy state braced for another day of heavy rains."

Source: AP, 02/05/2024

"Hungry Sea Otters Are Helping Save California’s Marshlands From Erosion"

"The return of sea otters and their voracious appetites has helped rescue a section of California marshland, a new study shows. Sea otters eat constantly and one of their favorite snacks is the striped shore crab. These crabs dig burrows and also nibble away roots of the marsh grass pickleweed that holds dirt in place."

Source: AP, 02/01/2024

Environmentalists Hail Nevada Supreme Court Ruling on Water Management

"The Nevada Supreme Court unanimously ruled last week that the state can restrict new groundwater pumping if it will impact other users and wildlife, a decision that strikes a blow to the plan of a developer that at one time hoped to build a new city of 250,000 people in the Mojave Desert and could shift how groundwater is managed in the driest U.S. state."

Source: Inside Climate News, 02/01/2024

"First Of Two Atmospheric River Storms Arrives In California Today"

"A storm tapping into a so-called "pineapple express" type of atmospheric river is beginning to track into California and the Northwest, and it will be followed by another potent storm late this weekend. Flooding rain, landslides, heavy mountain snow and strong winds will accompany both of these systems."

Source: Weather Channel, 01/31/2024


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