Water & Oceans

House Fails To Override Biden Veto Of Resolution To Overturn EPA Water Rule

"The House of Representatives on Tuesday failed to override President Joe Biden’s veto of a resolution to overturn an Environmental Protection Agency water rule."

Source: CNN, 04/19/2023

"Greenland's Melting Ice Could Be Changing Our Oceans. Just Ask The Whales"

"When North Atlantic right whales went missing from waters in the Gulf of Maine, it was a red flag. With only about 340 animals left, the species is at risk of extinction. ... Now, scientists are linking that to deeper shifts in the ocean, brought on by climate change."

Source: NPR, 04/18/2023

"DeSantis Takeover of Wetland Permits Erects New Building Hurdles"

"Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, determined to untangle housing, mines, and other development from time-consuming environmental reviews, asked the Trump administration in its closing months to let the state take over permits for building on federal wetlands from the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 04/18/2023

"Water Rule Injunction Adds Confusion to Biden’s Protection Plan"

"A federal court injunction this week against the Biden administration’s new waters protection rule in 24 states sparked questions over the clarity and path forward for the rule, even if the action doesn’t dramatically change which waters are protected."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 04/18/2023


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