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Uncovering the Environmental Impacts of a Controversial Water Project

Months spent gathering thousands of documents and talking to local residents led reporter Dheeraj Mishra to uncover the negative environmental impacts of a major hydro project in a water-scarce region of India. And his resulting investigative reporting got him noticed in the 2022 Society of Environmental Journalists’ 2022 awards contest. Mishra shares his insights in the new Inside Story Q&A.

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‘Halliburton Loophole’ Allows Fracking Firms to Avoid Chemical Regulation

"For almost 20 years, U.S. public-health advocates have worried that toxic chemicals are getting into ground water and harming human health because of an exemption to the federal Safe Drinking Water Act that allows operators of oil and gas fracking operations to use chemicals that would be regulated if used for any other purpose."

Source: Inside Climate News, 08/07/2023

"There’s A Crisis Unfolding In Florida's Waters. DeSantis Hasn’t Said A Word."

"The GOP governor and presidential candidate has touted his environmental and economic credentials. He’s ignoring an environmental and economic disaster at home."

Source: HuffPost, 08/07/2023

Big Waves Becoming More Common Off California As Earth Warms: New Research

"Waves are getting bigger and surf at least 13 feet (about 4 meters) tall is becoming more common off California’s coast as the planet warms, according to innovative new research that tracked the increasing height from historical data gathered over the past 90 years."

Source: AP, 08/04/2023

"Growing Number Of Sewage Monitors In England’s Bathing Waters ‘Broken’"

"New analysis of Environment Agency data by Lib Dems shows more than 100 systems are faulty"

"An increasing number of sewage monitors in England’s swimming spots are broken, new analysis has shown, meaning unknown quantities of raw sewage may be present in bathing waters.

New analysis of 2022 Environment Agency data by the Liberal Democrats has shown that more than 100 sewage monitors in bathing waters were faulty. This is an increase on 2021, when 88 of the monitors were broken.

Source: Guardian, 08/04/2023

Chemical Companies’ PFAS Payouts Are Huge – But The Problem Is Even Bigger

"When the chemical giant 3M agreed in early June to pay up to $12.5bn to settle a lawsuit over PFAS contamination in water systems across the nation, it was hailed by attorneys as “the largest drinking water settlement in American history”, and viewed as a significant win for the public in the battle against toxic “forever chemicals”.

Source: Guardian, 08/04/2023


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