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Elk Raise Tensions Between Washington Tribes, Farmers In Skagit Valley

"Just after sunrise, elk are grazing in a misty field in Washington's Skagit Valley, an hour and a half north of Seattle. ... These elk are at the center of a conflict that's unfolding between Native Americans and farmers in northwest Washington."

Source: NPR, 01/21/2020

Louisiana Tribes File Rights Complaint With UN Over US Climate Inaction

"Four coastal Louisiana tribes that claim the U.S. government has violated their human rights by failing to take action on climate change submitted a formal complaint Wednesday to the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland."

Source: New Orleans Times-Picayune, 01/20/2020

CA Reservation's Solar Microgrid Provides Power During Utility Shutoffs

"California's largest electric utility took the unprecedented step of shutting off power to millions of customers beginning last October. ... Now a renewable energy microgrid on a tiny California Native American reservation is proving to be one solution to this ongoing problem."

Source: NPR, 01/13/2020

Trump Water Rollback Leaves New Mexico Fearing Pollution, Health Risks

"TAOS, N.M. — Twice a day, every day, Vicente Fernandez walks along the banks of the Rio Fernando, inspecting the river that has shaped his valley’s fortunes for generations."

Source: LA Times, 01/10/2020

"NAACP Tells Local Chapters: Don’t Let Energy Industry Manipulate You"

"When utilities around the country have wanted to build fossil-fuel plants, defeat energy-efficiency proposals or slow the growth of rooftop solar power, they have often turned for support to a surprisingly reliable ally: a local chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People."

Source: NY Times, 01/06/2020

Turning Skiers Into Climate Voters with the Advocacy Potential of NRA

"With rising global temperatures threatening to limit the skiing season and even warm some resorts out of existence, major ski companies are turning to their customers for help in the fight against climate change. Their goal: turn millions of snow-lovers into climate voters."

Source: InsideClimate News, 12/30/2019


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