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Giant Baytown Refinery Complex Wants To Expand Amid Community Backlash

"Exxon’s Baytown complex in the Houston-area has the third largest oil refinery in the U.S. and is requesting permit renewal for its olefins plant despite repeated violations to the Clean Air Act."

Source: EHN, 02/15/2024

"Farmers, Tribes Reach ‘Historic’ Klamath River Deal"

"The Interior Department on Wednesday announced an armistice in the battle over the Klamath River, unveiling an agreement between farmers reliant on the waterway for irrigation and tribal nations seeking to restore the region’s fisheries."

Source: E&E News, 02/15/2024

"Arizona Monument Created By Biden Faces Volley Of Lawsuits"

"Opponents of a sprawling national monument surrounding the Grand Canyon National Park on Monday launched a pair of lawsuits challenging the site, opening another front in a Republican effort to roll back presidential authority to protect federal lands."

Source: E&E News, 02/14/2024

Horseshoe Crabs, Living Fossils Of The Sea, Draw Endangered Species Petition

"Environmental groups on Monday petitioned the U.S. government seeking endangered species protection for the American horseshoe crab, a "living fossil" under threat from commercial harvests for bait and biomedical use as well as from habitat loss and climate change."

Source: Reuters, 02/14/2024

"Certified Natural Gas Is ‘Dangerous Greenwashing Scheme’, US Senators Say"

"Certified natural gas – or methane gas that is purportedly produced in a low-emissions manner – is a “dangerous greenwashing scheme”, a group of progressive senators wrote in a letter to federal regulators on Monday."

Source: Guardian, 02/13/2024


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