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"Wyoming Looks To Extract High Price From Feds For Teton Land"

"The National Park Service will get another chance to buy a 640-acre parcel of state-owned land inside the border of Grand Teton National Park after the Wyoming State Board of Land Commissioners voted Thursday to delay a proposed auction."

Source: E&E News, 12/11/2023

"EPA to Louisiana: Strengthen Baton Rouge Air Emission Rules, Or We Will"

"Louisiana must strengthen rules over the release of ozone-creating nitrogen oxide air emissions by industries in the Baton Rouge area during startups, shutdowns and malfunctions, or the federal Environmental Protection Agency will write and enforce its own rules, the agency announced this week."

Source: New Orleans Times-Picayune, 12/11/2023

"Big Divisions Loom Over Fossil Fuels As COP28 Talks Head Into Final Phase"

"The president of the COP28 climate summit on Sunday urged negotiators to work harder to find consensus on a proposed first-of-its-kind deal to phase out the world's use of fossil fuels, as the two-week conference entered its final stage."

Source: Reuters, 12/11/2023

Pregnant Women Near Farms Had Higher Weedkiller Levels During Spraying Season

"Pregnant women living near farm fields show “significantly” increased concentrations of glyphosate weedkiller in their urine during periods when farmers are spraying their fields with the herbicide, according to a new scientific paper published on Wednesday."

Source: Guardian, 12/08/2023

"At Tribal Summit, Biden Says He’s Working To ‘Heal The Wrongs Of The Past’"

"President Joe Biden told Native American nations gathered for a summit Wednesday that his administration was working to heal the wrongs of the past as he signed an executive order that seeks to make it easier for Indigenous peoples to access federal funding, and have greater autonomy over how to spend it."

Source: AP, 12/07/2023


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