EPA Closes Racial Probes Into Jackson Water, Finds ‘Insufficient Evidence’

"The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) closed its civil rights probes into the water crisis in Jackson, Miss., saying there was “insufficient evidence” to say that the state discriminated against residents on the basis of race.

This week, the agency said in letters to state departments that received federal drinking water funding that it found “insufficient evidence between the amount of funding disbursed … to Jackson and the racial composition of the community over time.”

It also said that it found “insufficient evidence of a relationship between the racial composition of communities receiving funds versus those not receiving funds.”

The probes were opened in 2022 after flooding caused issues at the city’s water plant, leaving many residents without drinking water. The incident came on top of other long-standing problems including leaks and breaks, broken monitoring equipment and lead contamination, which can damage children’s brains and nervous systems."

Rachel Frazin reports for The Hill May 8, 2024.


"Racial Bias Did Not Shape Mississippi’s Water Funding Decisions For Capital City, EPA Says" (AP)

Source: The Hill, 05/10/2024