Environmental Health

"Nations Agree to Curb Emissions From Flying by 2050"

"After almost a decade of talks, the nations of the world committed Friday to drastically lower emissions of planet-warming gases from the world’s airplanes by 2050, a milestone in efforts to ease the climate effects of a fast-growing sector."

Source: NYTimes, 10/10/2022

"Climate Change Made Summer Hotter and Drier Worldwide, Study Finds"

"Human-caused global warming has made severe droughts like the ones this summer in Europe, North America and China at least 20 times as likely to occur as they would have been more than a century ago, scientists said Wednesday. It’s the latest evidence of how climate change caused by the burning of fossil fuels is imperiling food, water and electricity supplies around the world."

Source: NYTimes, 10/07/2022

Hibernating Fat Bears Are Complex. They May Hold Lessons For Human Health.

"Hibernating bears stay healthy despite being very fat and sedentary. New research is focusing on what humans can learn from them."

"Fat bear week starts today, that glorious autumn tradition when anyone with an internet connection can vote for the plumpest brown bear in Alaska’s Katmai National Park. Last year, more than 800,000 people weighed in during Fat Bear Week, crowning Otis, an enormous, dimpled ursine, Fat Bear champion for the fourth time.

Source: Washington Post, 10/06/2022

"‘Forever Chemicals’ In Deer, Fish Challenge Hunters, Tourism"

"Wildlife agencies in the U.S. are finding elevated levels of a class of toxic chemicals in game animals such as deer — and that’s prompting health advisories in some places where hunting and fishing are ways of life and key pieces of the economy."

Source: AP, 10/06/2022

Judge Dismisses Cases Against Flint Water Ex-Officials Per Supreme Court

"A circuit court judge on Tuesday dismissed charges against former state and Flint officials for their roles in the water crisis that gripped the city beginning in 2014. The result had been a likely outcome after the Michigan Supreme Court ruled in June that state prosecutors incorrectly used a one-man grand jury to issue indictments last year."

Source: Detroit Free Press, 10/05/2022

"Supreme Court Poised to Scrap US Waters Test, Attorneys Say"

"The test that the federal government has used to determine what waters and wetlands are protected under the Clean Water Act seems poised to be scrapped by the US Supreme Court, natural resources lawyers said."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 10/05/2022


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