Environmental Health

"How 10,000 Years Of Plagues Left Their Mark On Our DNA"

"Agnolo di Tura was a sometime shoemaker and tax collector with a yen for keeping a journal. He was also his family’s sole survivor when the Black Death tore through Siena, Italy, in 1348. He buried his wife and five children with his own hands, he wrote in his journal. He was somehow spared."

Source: Washington Post, 08/17/2023

Pa. Kids Near Fracking Wells Face Higher Risk For Childhood Cancer And Asthma

"Residents living near fracking wells were more likely to experience childhood cancer, severe asthma attacks and low birth weights, found three long-awaited studies on fracking and health released by the Pennsylvania Department of Health on Tuesday evening."

Source: EHN, 08/17/2023

"Despite Climate Goals, California Will Let Three Gas Plants Keep Running"

"Sometimes, breaking news is spectacularly unsurprising — but still hugely consequential. That was the case Tuesday, when California officials finalized a decision they’d been telegraphing for months, voting to extend the life of three gas-fired power plants along the state’s southern coast through 2026, instead of closing them later this year.

Source: LA Times, 08/16/2023


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