Environmental Health

Poor Safety Rules Leave Farmworkers Suffering In Increasing Heat Waves

"A fifth of reported heat-related deaths between 2017 and 2022 were agricultural workers, according to OSHA data. Academics, occupational health specialists and advocacy groups are calling attention to the under-reported impact of climate change on this group from heatwaves."

Source: Investigate Midwest, 08/25/2023

Deadly Heat Wave In Central US Strains Infrastructure, Transport, Grid

"Deadly heat that has gripped Texas for much of the summer has spread into other parts of the central U.S. this week where it is forecast to stay for days, with triple-digit temperatures buckling roads, straining water systems and threatening the power grid of the nation’s energy capitol."

Source: AP, 08/24/2023

Some States Reject Federal Money To Find, Replace Dangerous Lead Pipes

"As the Biden administration makes billions of dollars available to remove millions of dangerous lead pipes that can contaminate drinking water and damage brain development in children, some states are turning down funds."

Source: AP, 08/23/2023

Record Heat, Smoke Trigger Air Quality Alerts For New Orleans, Baton Rouge

"What do you get when you combine record-breaking heat, wildfire smoke and sunlight? Ground-level ozone in amounts high enough to cause health problems in both Baton Rouge and New Orleans on Friday and Saturday, according to the federal/state Air Quality Index."

Source: New Orleans Times-Picayune, 08/22/2023


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