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"US Firms Exploiting Trump-Era Loophole Over Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’"

"Study finds chemical companies dodging federal law designed to track how many PFAS plants are pumping into environment".

"Chemical companies are dodging a federal law designed to track how many PFAS “forever chemicals” their plants are discharging into the environment by exploiting a loophole created in the Trump administration’s final months, a new analysis of federal records has found.

Source: Guardian, 10/13/2022

CSB Explosion Probe Says EPA Should Scrutinize Deadly Hydroflouric Acid

"The Chemical Safety Board says refineries need to strengthen safeguards surrounding the use of hydroflouric acid, and the EPA should take steps to improve oversight. The recommendations are part of a final report on the investigation into the June 2019 explosion and fire at Philadelphia Energy Solutions in southwest Philadelphia."

Source: State Impact Pennsylvania, 10/12/2022

Mongabay Probe Key As Brazil Court Rules On Palm Oil Pesticide Contamination

"Prosecutors in Brazil say the findings from a Mongabay investigation were key to obtaining a court decision this week to probe the environmental impacts of pesticides used by oil palm plantations on Indigenous communities and the environment in northern Pará state."

Source: Mongabay, 10/11/2022

U.S. Wildfire Response Badly Off-Base, New Doc Convincingly Shows

A gripping new documentary on raging megafires weaves together stunning cinematography with deeply researched revelations that reveal the futility of current policy around managing wildfires, writes veteran wildfire reporter Robert McClure in a new EJ InSight column. His review, with three big takeaways.

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COP 27 Egypt — From Afar, How UN Meeting Will Affect Climate Change Reporting

How will the UN’s yearly climate treaty talks in Egypt next month touch domestic U.S. reporting? The latest Backgrounder has an outlook, with close attention to the question of compensation for nations suffering the worst impacts of global warming, plus the politics of war and energy, methane and HFCs. The prospects for action in and after Egypt.

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"Town Employee Quietly Lowered Fluoride In Water For Years"

"Residents of a small community in Vermont were blindsided last month by news that one official in their water department quietly lowered fluoride levels nearly four years ago, giving rise to worries about their children’s dental health and transparent government — and highlighting the enduring misinformation around water fluoridation."

Source: AP, 10/10/2022


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