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Reporters Reveal ‘Decades of Deceit’ Over Underground Water Contamination

A trove of confidential documents about a well-known groundwater pollution problem helped journalists Paul LaRocco and David M. Schwartz uncover how much had actually been hidden about the contamination’s severity and how it could have been kept from worsening. In the latest Inside Story Q&A, LaRocco and Schwartz share the story behind their award-winning investigation.

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"New York Reduces Lead Level Allowed in School Drinking Water"

"New York State will strengthen its lead poisoning prevention law, reducing the amount allowed in drinking water at public schools and increasing testing frequency, under legislation signed Thursday by Gov. Kathy Hochul (D)."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 12/24/2021

"Biden Admin Clears Way For N.Y. Offshore Wind Leases"

"The Biden administration has found that huge arrays of offshore wind turbines off the coast of New York and New Jersey won’t cause significant impacts to the local environment, clearing the way for highly anticipated lease sales."

Source: E&E News, 12/17/2021

New Reporting Network Aims To Make Connections in the Mississippi Basin

The Mississippi River and its tributaries drain more than 40% of the continent, but most coverage of environmental stories within the Mississippi Basin is localized and siloed. The recently launched Mississippi River Basin Ag & Water Desk hopes to help news outlets provide region-wide reporting that contextualizes issues like climate change-driven flooding and the Gulf of Mexico dead zone.

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When Reporting on Toxic Hotspots, Go Deeper With Cancer Registries

As awareness grows about how pollution can cause certain cancers, it’s smart to look beyond cancer risk and also explore available information about actual cancer cases. Reporter’s Toolbox explains how extensive data collected regularly in state-level cancer “registries” can take your coverage on the pollution-public health connection to another level. Plus, avoiding pitfalls in reporting possible clusters.

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December 8, 2021

Two Sides of the Climate Coin: Sea Level Rise and Extreme Weather

Interacting crises compound flood risks and present challenges for infrastructure, environmental justice, public safety, and local economies. Co-hosted by Metcalf Institute and the Pulitzer Center, panelists will offer perspectives on the challenges and solutions in Rhode Island, a global hot spot for sea level rise. 2:00 p.m. ET.

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