Truss Faces Major Revolt On Fracking As Senior Tories Pledge To Defy Whip; Resigns

"Liz Truss was at risk of a significant Commons rebellion over fracking on Wednesday after a series of senior MPs, including the head of her net zero review, announced they would vote against the government on a Labour motion on the controversial policy." Truss resigned Thursday.

Source: Guardian, 10/20/2022

"Germany’s New Hunger for Coal Dooms a Tiny Village"

"For months, die-hard environmental activists have camped in the fields and occupied the trees in this tiny farming village in western Germany, hoping that like-minded people from across the country would arrive and help stop the expansion of a nearby open-pit coal mine that threatened to swallow the village and its farms."

Source: NYTimes, 10/14/2022

COP 27 Egypt — From Afar, How UN Meeting Will Affect Climate Change Reporting

How will the UN’s yearly climate treaty talks in Egypt next month touch domestic U.S. reporting? The latest Backgrounder has an outlook, with close attention to the question of compensation for nations suffering the worst impacts of global warming, plus the politics of war and energy, methane and HFCs. The prospects for action in and after Egypt.

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"Memories of the End of the Last Ice Age, from Those Who Were There"

"As Earth’s ice melts once more, heed these ancient tales of land lost to the sea."

"It wasn’t long after Henry David Inglis arrived on the island of Jersey, just northwest of France, that he heard the old story. Locals eagerly told the 19th-century Scottish travel writer how, in a bygone age, their island was much more substantial, and that folks used to walk to the French coast. The only hurdle to their journey was a river—one easily crossed using a short bridge.

Source: Hakai, 10/04/2022

On the Persistence of Ocean Plastics

Concerns about seaborne plastic waste go back decades, but science writer Juli Berwald suggests that myths and disinformation about sources and solutions continue to cloud the waters. From lentil-sized nurdles to sprawling fishing nets, 200 million tons of plastic now fill the ocean and, for her, it has become evident that the ocean plastics story is really a land story. But will the newly signed international treaty on plastics offer relief?

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