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Feb. 16 Briefing Helps Prep for Release of New US Ocean Policy

RSVP by 4:00 p.m. February 12, 2010, to learn about the Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force's proposed marine spatial planning framework for coordinating many ocean and coastal activities by multiple agencies and actors.

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Supreme Court Property Rights Case Has Environmental Implications

The Court is scheduled to hear oral arguments on Dec. 2, 2009. The case, which started with legal action in 2004, involves a dispute over restoration of a stretch of Florida panhandle beaches damaged by storms.

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October 6, 2009 to October 7, 2009

The Natural Step: Strategic Sustainability for Leaders - Level 1 Course

Companies and communities can thrive within naturally sustainable systems. The workshops focus on The Natural Step Framework, a proven, science-based method for achieving strategic sustainability.

“Green initiatives are a good start, but not enough,” according to TNS-USA Executive Director, Regina Hauser. “We use a comprehensive framework that helps people develop a vision and strategies for long term sustainability, building on short term successes.”
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