National Adaptation Forum

Event Date: 
April 23, 2019 to April 25, 2019

The annual National Adaptation Forum is the gathering of the adaptation minded. Since the Forum is created by and for the members of the adaptation community, the meeting focuses on issues of the day — established and emerging.

The 2019 Forum takes place April 23-25 in Madison, WI, and includes opportunities for professional development through formal trainings, facilitated practitioner presentations, and informal exchange of information all at a single venue. This event affords attendees the opportunity to learn more about how to make their work climate smart, share what they have learned with others, and develop a stronger network to be climate savvy in all that they do.
We are at a pivotal moment where we see risk and vulnerability to the impacts of a changing climate entering into the discourse of decision makers at all levels of policy and natural resource management. Managers working at a local, state, regional, and federal level are beginning to respond to climate impacts. Engaged members of civil society are organizing their communities to improve futures for all people and mobilizing action to protect the places they care about. However the field of climate adaptation is still in its infancy and too many are reinventing instead of innovating. With climate jeopardizing society's past, present, and future efforts to thrive, the need for practical climate adaptation solutions has never been greater.

This event is known as a great resource for finding story ideas and meeting scientists, agency staff, citizens and more.

Note: On Tuesday, April 23, Concurrent Session 3, "Overcoming Flood Amnesia: How Two Cities and Two States Are Becoming Resilient," is organized by SEJ member Penny Loeb.

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