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"People Are Leaving Some Neighborhoods Because Of Floods, A New Study Finds"

"Hundreds of thousands of neighborhoods in the United States are seeing population decline as a result of flooding, new research suggests. Those neighborhoods are often located in areas that are growing in population overall, including parts of Florida, Texas and the region around Washington, D.C."

Source: NPR, 12/18/2023

"Virginia County Approves Data Center Project After 27-Hour Public Hearing"

"County supervisors in northern Virginia approved one of the world’s largest data center projects after a public hearing that ran through the night and lasted more than 24 hours."

Source: AP, 12/14/2023

"COP28 Does Not Deliver Clear Path to Fossil Fuel Phase Out"

"Going into overtime under the cover of a dark winter night in Dubai, climate negotiators at COP28 cooked up a weak sauce of climate half-measures that fail to adequately address the existential risk of global warming to millions of people around the globe, according to leading climate experts at the conference."

Source: Inside Climate News, 12/14/2023

"A Crypto Mine Comes To Town And A Coal Plant Gets New Life"

"A pollution-spewing power plant in western Indiana that was set to close this year is getting a reprieve after being purchased by a coal company and landing a new energy-guzzling neighbor hoping to cash in on the international cryptocurrency boom."

Source: Indianapolis Star, 12/06/2023


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