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"Clean Water Act: Trump's Rewrite Is Finalized. What Happens Now?"

"EPA published its Navigable Waters Protection Rule in the Federal Register this morning .... Publication starts a 60-day clock before the rule goes into effect and waves a green flag for an onslaught of lawsuits likely to be filed around the country. The litigation will undoubtedly run beyond Election Day, so the future of the rule likely depends on whether Trump wins a second term."

Source: Greenwire, 04/22/2020

Scientists Say Joshua Trees May Warrant Listing As Threatened Species

"Joshua trees face the risk of extinction after decades of development, drought and more frequent wildfires due to climate change in their Mojave Desert stronghold, according to state wildlife authorities who are recommending that the trees be considered for listing as an endangered species."

Source: LA Times, 04/15/2020

"Judge: Failure To Help Whales Skirts Endangered Species Act"

"PORTLAND, Maine — A judge has ruled the federal government failed to adequately protect endangered whales from lobster fishing activities, sending the industry and regulators scrambling to figure out what the future holds for one of America’s most lucrative marine industries."

Source: AP, 04/13/2020

"Scientists Worry Agency Plan to Prevent Fires Could Do Opposite"

"Scientists say the Trump administration’s proposed program to cut down trees to gain an upper hand over wildfire and protect the sage-grouse bird may in fact do the opposite: increase the wildfire threat and risk ecosystem “collapse.”"

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 04/10/2020

"Animal Viruses Are Jumping to Humans. Forest Loss Makes It Easier."

"The destruction of forests into fragmented patches is increasing the likelihood that viruses and other pathogens will jump from wild animals to humans, according to a study from Stanford University published this month."

Source: NY Times, 04/10/2020


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