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"Spirituality Underpins Migrant Activism in US Borderlands"

"Alvaro Enciso plants three or four crosses each week in Arizona’s desert borderlands, amid the yellow-blossomed prickly pear and whip-like ocotillo, in honor of migrants who died on the northbound trek. Each colorful wooden memorial denotes where a set of bones or a decomposing body was found."

Source: AP, 06/18/2021

Texas Grid Operator Urges Electricity Conservation As Temperatures Rise

"The Electric Reliability Council of Texas says a large number of power plants are offline, but it could not provide details as to what may be causing the “very concerning” number of outages. At the same time, the state is experiencing near-record demand for electricity in June."

Source: Texas Tribune, 06/15/2021
October 27, 2021 to October 29, 2021

71st Annual Gulf Coast Geoscience Convention

GeoGulf's 2021 theme is “Sustaining Geoscience through the Energy Transition.” Hosted by Bureau of Economic Geology at the University of Texas at Austin, the program will cover oil and gas, the energy transition, carbon storage, geothermal, environmental, water and more.


"Texas Governor Says Power Grid Fixed; Experts Cite Problems"

"Despite experts who say Texas’ power grid remains vulnerable, Republican Gov. Greg Abbott declared Tuesday that new reforms “fix all of the flaws” that caused February’s deadly winter blackout that left more than 4 million people without power in subfreezing weather."

Source: AP, 06/09/2021

Before You Cover That Pipeline Protest, Check the Law

At least 16 states currently have critical infrastructure anti-protest laws that could sweep up journalists on the scene, reports the latest TipSheet. The laws, which more states are considering, apply to pipelines, but sometimes other facilities that impact the environment too, like powerlines, dams, port facilities and refineries. How to keep track and avoid going to jail.

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"Texas’ Fix After Blackout Doesn’t Dwell On Climate Change"

"Texas’ biggest fix to February’s deadly winter blackout that left more than 4 million people without power puts new attention on projections by the state’s climatologist but does not dwell on climate change after a deep freeze buckled the state’s unprepared electric grid."

Source: AP, 06/01/2021

‘Suezmax’ Oil Tankers Could Soon Ply Poisoned Waters of Texas’ Lavaca Bay

"Fishermen and environmentalists say a plan to export crude would require dredging mercury-laced sediment in a Superfund site, imperling oyster reefs and the natural habitat."

Source: Inside Climate News, 05/31/2021


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