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NPS Teaming Up With Tribes To Tell 'More Complete Story' Of U.S. History

"Interior Secretary Deb Haaland announced Wednesday that the National Park Service is launching an initiative with Native American tribes to tell “a more complete story of American history” at the country’s 428 national park sites."

Source: HuffPost, 12/11/2023

"At Tribal Summit, Biden Says He’s Working To ‘Heal The Wrongs Of The Past’"

"President Joe Biden told Native American nations gathered for a summit Wednesday that his administration was working to heal the wrongs of the past as he signed an executive order that seeks to make it easier for Indigenous peoples to access federal funding, and have greater autonomy over how to spend it."

Source: AP, 12/07/2023
December 8, 2023

Climate Change in Puerto Rico: Public Opinion and Public Engagement

Join the Yale Center for Environmental Communication for a conversation on Puerto Rican public opinion and engagement on climate change. The speakers will cover the Puerto Rican results from the recent global survey conducted by Meta and YPCCC, challenges and opportunities in the agricultural sector, and more. 12:00 p.m. ET.


“Carbon Cowboys” Chasing Offsets Keep Amazon Communities in the Dark

"Indigenous and traditional groups in the forest are rarely consulted about carbon credit projects they see as the latest gold rush on their lands, and question the community and climate benefits the projects promise."

Source: Inside Climate News, 11/29/2023

New Law Expands the FDA’s Power But Fails to Ban Toxics in Beauty Products

"The Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act empowers the FDA to recall harmful cosmetics. Advocates want to know why manufacturers still don’t have to prove their products are safe before they’re sold to millions of consumers."

Source: Inside Climate News, 11/29/2023

Between the Lines — Author Explores Experience of Living Through Climate Change

To make climate change less abstract and more direct, writer Madeline Ostrander traveled the country to speak to those living with its impacts in the places they call home. In a BookShelf “Between the Lines” Q&A, Ostrander discusses her resulting book, “At Home on an Unruly Planet: Finding Refuge on a Changed Earth,” and addresses the lenses she used, the characters she portrayed and the surprises she encountered.

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