Nuclear Power & Radiation

U.N. Watchdog Says Japan Can Release Nuclear Waste Water Into The Ocean

"The International Atomic Energy Agency has approved a plan by Japan to release more than a million tons of treated nuclear waste water from the destroyed Fukushima power plant into the ocean, despite vehement international opposition."

Source: NPR, 07/07/2023

Tribal Voices Left Out of Key Nuclear Cleanup on Ancestral Land

"Three federally recognized tribes have devoted decades to restoring the condition of their ancestral lands in southeastern Washington state to what they were before those lands became the most radioactively contaminated site in the nation’s nuclear weapons complex, the Hanford Nuclear Reservation."

Source: AP, 06/22/2023

"Europe's Biggest Nuclear Plant - At Centre Of A War Zone And Dam Breach"

"A disastrous breach in Ukraine's huge Kakhovka dam has further stoked alarm over the safety of the nearby Russian-controlled Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, which has for months been a target of shelling due to its proximity to military front lines."

Source: Reuters, 06/14/2023

"Georgia Nuclear Rebirth Arrives 7 Years Late, $17 Billion Over Cost"

"Two nuclear reactors in Georgia were supposed to herald a nuclear power revival in the United States. But the project is seven years late and $17 billion over budget as Georgia Power Co. announced the first new reactor at its Plant Vogtle could reach full electrical output by Saturday."

Source: AP, 05/30/2023

Enviro, Oil Companies Battle Ohio Over Dumping of Fracking Wastewater

"Ten years ago, Tim Kettler asked local officials to stop spreading liquid waste from fracking on the road near his home in Warsaw, Ohio, because he was worried that the fluid would contaminate a pond where he gets his drinking water."

Source: Inside Climate News, 05/16/2023

"Florida Lawmakers Want To Use Radioactive Material To Pave Roads"

"Roads in Florida could soon include phosphogypsum — a radioactive waste material from the fertilizer industry — under a bill lawmakers have sent to Gov. Ron DeSantis."

Source: NPR, 05/11/2023

"US Approves Temporary Nuclear Waste Storage In New Mexico"

"The U.S. nuclear energy regulator on Tuesday issued a license to Holtec International to build and operate a temporary facility to store nuclear waste from power plants, despite a New Mexico state law that could present a hurdle to the project."

Source: Reuters, 05/10/2023


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