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"Greta Thunberg Says Climate Talks Are Becoming a ‘Greenwash Campaign’"

"The United Nations climate conference in Scotland has become a venue for world leaders and business executives to pretend they are taking action on climate change without following through, the climate activist Greta Thunberg said on Thursday."

Source: NYTimes, 11/05/2021

10 Facebook Publishers Push Nearly 70% of Climate Denial Content

"Anyone who’s spent more than a few minutes online is likely acutely aware of the seemingly endless ocean of climate change denial content swirling across social media. But the vast misinformation maelstrom is largely being churned out by less than a dozen publishers."

Source: Earther, 11/03/2021
November 30, 2021

DEADLINE: ERC Collaborative Reporting Grants

The Environmental Reporting Collective is accepting applications for Collaborative Investigation Grants open to media outlets, journalists and freelancers from two different countries or regions. Grants range from $1,000 to $3,000 USD and are offered quarterly. Deadline: Nov 30, 2021.

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November 20, 2021

DEADLINE: ERC Journalism Training Grants

The Environmental Reporting Collective is offering training grants for journalists and newsrooms anywhere in the world to organize self-tailored training programs for themselves. Three grants of $2,500 USD each are available. Deadline: Nov 20, 2021.

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Will Animal-To-Human Disease Transmission Bring the Next Big Pandemic?

The COVID-19 outbreak has left little unchanged — including how environment reporters do their jobs, given that many experts believe the disruption of the human-wild interface could be the source of the next deadly virus. The new Backgrounder makes the case in this analysis, looking at how societies — and journalists — handled this pandemic and must prepare for possible future outbreaks.

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EPA Data Moves Toward Openness — Again

Public data around environmental issues has been a thing at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for decades, ... except when it hasn’t. The latest Reporter’s Toolbox looks at how data transparency is back in fashion under the Biden EPA, and the many ways that environmental journalists can build on available datasets for their coverage.

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