Environmental Justice

"Supreme Court: 4 Climate Questions For Barrett"

"Senators are getting ready to grill Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett next week on a wide variety of issues including reproductive rights and health care access. It's unclear if she will face questions on climate, but at 48, Barrett is poised for a lifetime appointment on a bench that could eventually grapple with major legal battles over rising temperatures, swelling seas and rampant wildfires."

Source: E&E News, 10/12/2020

Watchdog Dings Trump Administration For Pandemic Relief For Oil Companies

"The Trump administration mismanaged its efforts to provide relief to oil and gas producers during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, failing to ensure aid went to those that needed it, according to a new congressional report.

The U.S. Government Accountability Office, a nonpartisan watchdog office of Congress, said the government flouted its own goals when giving struggling producers a break this spring on payments to the government for oil and gas pumped from federal lands.

Source: Washington Post, 10/09/2020

Flint Residents Sue 3 Banks, Accuse Them Of Helping Create Water Crisis

"Flint residents seeking damages from the water crisis are accusing three investment banks of aiding in the exposure of tens of thousands of residents to toxic water when the city switched its water source more than six years ago."

Source: Detroit News, 10/08/2020

"Democrats Allege EPA Plans To Withhold Funding From 'Anarchist' Cities"

"Senate Democrats’ top Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) watchdog is warning that the agency plans to withhold funds to clean contaminated land and drinking water sources in Seattle, Portland, New York and Washington, D.C., citing a directive from President Trump to withhold federal funds from “anarchist” jurisdictions."

Source: The Hill, 10/07/2020

CT Legislature Overwhelmingly Passes Environmental Justice Measure

"Lawmakers in the special session passed a bill that would revise the state’s environmental justice regulations, and require facilities that impact the environment to improve communication with the public and provide services or funding that would mitigate any environmental effects on the surrounding community."

Source: Connecticut Examiner, 10/05/2020


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