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CAFO SNAFU — Why Emissions Data Are So Hard To Find

Sometimes the challenge for environmental reporters is a mess of data. But sometimes it’s just less data. That’s the case with confined animal feed operations, which have been the subject of a years-long political tug of war over tracking emissions harmful to humans and the environment. The latest Reporter’s Toolbox explains, then offers alternate sources for CAFO data.

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When Extreme Weather Amplifies Hazardous Waste Threats

Toxic waste is bad enough when it’s in one spot. But it can be even more dangerous when it is made mobile by climate-induced natural disasters. The latest TipSheet looks at just a few of the problems that can arise — or have already arisen. Plus, story ideas and reporting resources to cover this issue in your locale.

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"Circuit Panel’s Halt of EPA Ozone Rule Threatens National Limits"

"A divided Fifth Circuit panel ruling to halt an EPA decision to disapprove key ozone plans in Texas and Louisiana foreshadows similar decisions across regional circuit courts that threaten to upend established precedent."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 05/08/2023

"They Pollute. You Pay (Literally)."

"How regular taxpayers are subsidizing the ultra-wealthy's use of climate-polluting private jets."

"Just 70 miles south of Pittsburgh in rural Farmington, Pennsylvania, there is a luxury resort called Nemacolin. Best known as the lavish location where ABC filmed The Bachelor during pandemic lockdowns, the 2,000-acre property hosts three hotels, seven eateries, a casino, two spas, and two golf courses. It also has a private airstrip for guests to land their jets.

Source: HEATED, 05/03/2023


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