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"They Pollute. You Pay (Literally)."

"How regular taxpayers are subsidizing the ultra-wealthy's use of climate-polluting private jets."

"Just 70 miles south of Pittsburgh in rural Farmington, Pennsylvania, there is a luxury resort called Nemacolin. Best known as the lavish location where ABC filmed The Bachelor during pandemic lockdowns, the 2,000-acre property hosts three hotels, seven eateries, a casino, two spas, and two golf courses. It also has a private airstrip for guests to land their jets.

Source: HEATED, 05/03/2023

Enviros Want FTC Green Guides to Shun ‘Chemical’ Recycling of Plastic Waste

"The plastics industry says heating and treating plastic waste with chemicals enables it to make new plastics. But environmentalists say that process, emitting large amounts of climate and air pollution, isn’t recycling and isn’t green."

Source: Inside Climate News, 05/03/2023

"California Phases Out Diesel Trucks: What Happens Next?"

"In a move that will transform California’s economy and end diesel’s decades-long dominance in goods movement, the Air Resources Board today unanimously approved an ambitious, contentious mandate to shift big rigs and other trucks to zero-emissions."

Source: CalMatters, 05/01/2023

"The Next Big U.S. Power Plant Fight Is Coming"

"On Monday, several outlets broke the story that the Biden administration is planning to release a plan to regulate carbon emissions from power plants. And even though the rule isn’t public yet, if history is any indication, conservative forces are already getting ready to take the EPA to court."

Source: Earther, 04/25/2023

EPA Settlement Forces Chemical Plant To Cut Cancer-Causing Air Pollutants

"A German company has agreed to substantially reduce air pollutants from a chemical plant near LaPlace, according to a settlement reached this week with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Source: New Orleans Times-Picayune, 04/25/2023

2023 Goldman Environmental Prize Winners Include Texas Gulf Coast Defender

"Grassroots activists who took on British mining giants and a serial plastics polluter – and won – are among this year’s recipients of the world’s most prestigious environmental prize."

Source: Guardian, 04/25/2023


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