All forms of advocacy, esp. environmental groups.

'Seaspiracy': Netflix Doc Accused Of Misrepresentation By Participants

"A Netflix documentary about the impact of commercial fishing has attracted celebrity endorsements and plaudits from fans with its damning picture of the harm the industry does to ocean life. But NGOs, sustainability labels and experts quoted in Seaspiracy have accused the film-makers of making “misleading claims”, using out-of-context interviews and erroneous statistics."

Source: Guardian, 04/01/2021

Fairy Creek Blockade: Inside The Fight For B.C.’S Last Ancient Forests

"For eight months a small group of protesters have successfully prevented logging company Teal-Jones from accessing forest on Pacheedaht territory, exposing tensions that can exist at the intersection of Indigenous land rights, economic opportunity and the urgent battle to protect what remains of the province's old growth".

Source: The Tyee, 03/30/2021

"Biden Announces Environmental Justice Advisers"

"The White House today [Monday] announced a group of community leaders and green activists to join the Council on Environmental Quality's Environmental Justice Advisory Council. Members include Texas professor Robert Bullard, regarded as the father of the environmental justice movement."

Source: E&E News, 03/30/2021

Line 3: "Need For Disputed Pipeline Argued In Minnesota Appeals Court"

"MINNEAPOLIS — The Minnesota Court of Appeals on Tuesday heard arguments over Enbridge Energy’s Line 3 replacement project in northern Minnesota, which opponents are calling unnecessary due to an eventual decline in the demand for oil.

Source: AP, 03/25/2021

"How A New Deal Legacy Is Building Clean Energy In Rural North Carolina"

"The world stands on the cusp of a massive shift from fossil fuels to clean electricity, but many are worried that the transition won't be fair. Already, electric cars and efficient heating technologies are showing up disproportionately in wealthy neighborhoods. The U.S. faced a very similar problem almost a century ago with electricity, the energy revolution of that time. Most cities had been electrified by the 1930s, but many rural areas had not, because private electric companies saw little profit in string wires down lonely country roads."

Source: NPR, 03/24/2021


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