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Funding Initiative May Help Surface Overlooked Environmental Justice Stories

A new government-organized network of environmental justice assistance centers may not only assist the community groups applying for billions in federal funds but could also help point environmental journalists toward undercovered stories on the beat. The latest TipSheet explains how the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency initiative will work and how to locate the centers for your reporting.

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"Drop The 'Natural' In Natural Gas, Climate Activists Urge US Officials"

"Since almost two centuries ago—not long after it was identified bubbling up in a creek in western New York—the flammable below-ground substance composed of methane and other hydrocarbons has been called "natural gas" in the U.S. Now, some environmental activists say it's time to ditch that label."

Source: Bloomberg, 04/28/2023
May 9, 2023

The Solutions Project: 5th Annual Report on Climate Solutions Narrative Trends

Join The Solutions Project's Instagram Live conversation on the findings of its 5th annual report tracking the extent to which coverage of climate issues — including renewable energy, water, and food systems — focuses on equity, highlights community-led solutions, and features women as spokespeople. 3:00 p.m. ET.


"Top US Banks Face Little Investor Pressure On Fossil-Fuel Financing"

"Top U.S. bank investors gave only slim support on Tuesday to shareholder resolutions calling for the lenders to wind down new fossil fuel financing, setbacks for climate activists who had hoped for new constraints on the oil and gas industries."

Source: Reuters, 04/26/2023

2023 Goldman Environmental Prize Winners Include Texas Gulf Coast Defender

"Grassroots activists who took on British mining giants and a serial plastics polluter – and won – are among this year’s recipients of the world’s most prestigious environmental prize."

Source: Guardian, 04/25/2023

Why Journalists Should Investigate the Twin Mental Health and Climate Crises

The complicated interplay between climate change and trauma, poorly understood and little covered, is holding back the response by individuals and communities to the realities of the climate crisis, argues the head of a network of mental health and other organizations. Here’s what he has found when it comes to how climate-generated anguish is blocking climate solutions and what can be done about it.

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"Last Earth Day, Wynn Bruce Set Himself on Fire Outside the Supreme Court"

"Some saw my former student’s actions as a climate protest. As I examined the years leading up to his death, I found his grief for our planet was undeniable."

Source: Inside Climate News, 04/24/2023


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