Northwest (OR WA)

April 3, 2024 to April 12, 2024

Science Talk ’24

The Association of Science Communicators' 2024 annual conference takes place in person April 11-12, 2024 in Portland, OR and virtually everywhere April 3-12. The theme is "Opening Doors."

Topics on the Beat: 

"Oregon’s Drinking Water Is at Risk From Clearcutting"

"The forests that blanket the foothills of the Coast Range are crucial to holding onto freshwater and keeping it drinkable. But for years, local residents have suspected that clearcutting by private logging companies in the area has endangered their precious freshwater resource. Now, a new joint report from NASA and Oregon-based nonprofit Oregon Wild confirms coastal residents’ observations and echoes their concerns."

Source: Sierra, 12/01/2023

"Quinault Nation Calls Off Fall Coastal Coho Fishery For Conservation"

"Quinault Nation shuttered its fall coho fishery a month early this year after harvest numbers came in at just a fraction of what was expected. Now, fishery leaders have called on the state to do the same."

Source: Seattle Times, 11/20/2023

Reporting on Environmental Solutions and Equity — at a Watershed Scale

Reporting on interconnected ecosystems lends itself to better environmental stories, and so tracing how water moves across landscapes, communities, industries and regulatory schemes can help the public connect the dots. That’s how Annie Ropeik, who helps run the Mississippi River Basin Ag & Water Desk, sees the watershed beat. She shares expert views and offers insights for environment journalists to use in their reporting.

SEJ Publication Types: 

Growing Montana Bear Population Spotlights Need for Wildlife Corridors

"One morning in late June, after a crisp mountain air had settled into Kootenai River valley, Megan Leach heard her chickens clucking nervously. She ventured outside to see the cause for the commotion and noticed that one of her heavy coops, on wheels but sturdy, had been moved. As dusk began to fall later that day, Leach rounded up her chickens to place them in the protection of her barn, feeling that something was watching them. It turned out to be a grizzly bear."

Source: Sierra, 10/27/2023

Feds OK Natural Gas Pipeline Expansion In Pacific Northwest Over Protests

"Federal regulators on Thursday approved the expansion of a natural gas pipeline in the Pacific Northwest over the protest of environmental groups and top officials in West Coast states, who said it goes against the region’s plans to address climate change and could pose a wildfire risk."

Source: AP, 10/20/2023


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