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WA Prisoners Struggle With Wildfire Smoke As Ventilation Upgrades Go Unfunded

"When the wildfire smoke arrives, Harry Whitman has nowhere to go. “When there’s smoke or there’s a fire, they lock you in,” Whitman said. Whitman, president of the advocacy group Black Prisoners’ Caucus, is incarcerated at Airway Heights Corrections Center."

Source: Washington State Standard, 09/27/2023

2023 David Stolberg Meritorious Service Award Winner

The David Stolberg Meritorious Service Award annually recognizes an SEJ member for their exceptional volunteer work. The 2023 Stolberg award goes to Christy George, who joined SEJ in 1997. Christy chaired three annual conferences (two in person and one virtual), including this year's in Boise, and has been an SEJ mentor five times. She embodies the SEJ spirit of collaboration, always helping colleagues, always giving something back and clearly, that spirit becomes contagious.

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After Decades, Tribe's Vision For A New Marine Sanctuary Coming True

"The central California coast, with its rugged beaches and kelp forests, draws a lot of visitors for its scenic beauty. For the Chumash people, the coastline means a lot more.

"Almost all the places people like to go to are our sacred sites," says Violet Sage Walker, chairwoman of the Northern Chumash Tribal Council. "We've been going there and praying and doing ceremony there for 20,000 years."

Source: NPR, 08/10/2023


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