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Its Promised Land Drying, Mormon Church Works To Save The Great Salt Lake

"Because of overuse of water and climate change, the Great Salt Lake is drying up — and the Mormon Church is taking on an unusually public role to help save it."

Source: Washington Post, 06/26/2023

Train Carrying Hot Asphalt, Molten Sulfur Plunges Into Yellowstone River

"A bridge that crosses the Yellowstone River in Montana collapsed early Saturday, plunging portions of a freight train carrying hazardous materials into the rushing water below."

Source: AP, 06/26/2023

Tribal Activists Oppose Nevada Mine Key to Biden's Clean Energy Agenda

"Just 45 miles from the Fort McDermitt Indian Reservation where Daranda Hinkey and her family corral horses and cows, a centerpiece of President Joe Biden’s clean energy plan is taking shape: construction of one of the largest lithium mines in the world."

Source: AP, 06/21/2023

"Young Activists Testify At US’s First Constitutional Climate Trial"

"The US’s first-ever trial in a constitutional climate lawsuit kicked off Monday morning in a packed courtroom in Helena, Montana. The case, Held v Montana, was brought in 2020 by 16 plaintiffs between the ages of five and 22 from around the state who allege state officials violated their constitutional right to a healthy environment by enacting pro-fossil fuel policies."

Source: Guardian, 06/13/2023

Threats to Press Come in Many Forms. Some Are Violent.

Attacks of all kinds on U.S. journalists clearly hamper a free press. And environmental journalists are not spared such aggressions, especially when covering contested places like pipeline construction sites. WatchDog Opinion outlines the problem and explores how journalists might be spared from such violations, including with a prospective law explicitly protecting journalists from assault.

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"Legal Right to Safe Climate Goes on Trial in Montana Youth Case"

"A landmark climate trial that will reverberate in states and litigation across the US is set to begin Monday, when more than a dozen young people face off with the state of Montana at Lewis and Clark County District Court."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 06/12/2023

US Judge Yanks Approval For Idaho Mine, Finding That BLM Violated NEPA

"A federal judge has yanked approval for a phosphate mining project in southeastern Idaho, saying federal land managers in the Trump administration didn’t in part properly consider the mine’s impact on sage grouse, a bird species that has seen an 80% decline in population since 1965."

Source: AP, 06/06/2023

"Burning Man Becomes Latest Adversary in Geothermal Feud"

"Festival organizers are trying to block plans to build a clean energy plant in the Nevada desert, highlighting the struggle to combat climate change and the cost of clean power."

"One of the darkest towns in America lies roughly 100 miles north of Reno, where the lights are few and rarely lit until one week each summer when pyrotechnics and LEDs set the sky and mountains aglow.

Source: NYTimes, 05/17/2023


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