"Climate Scientists Take Swipe At Exxon Mobil, Industry In Leaked Report"

"A recently leaked draft report written by some of the world’s top climate scientists blamed disinformation and lobbying campaigns — including by Exxon Mobil — for undermining government efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increasing the dangers of global warming to society."

Source: Politico, 07/13/2021
July 21, 2021

SEJ Webinar: The Future Is Here — Climate Science and Covering the IPCC 6th Assessment Report

Join SEJ July 21, ahead of the Aug 9 release of IPCC's 6th Assessment Report, for an expert overview of the IPCC process, its findings and what they might mean for U.S. policy. We’ll also discuss strategies for effectively pitching stories on climate science and projections. 1:00-2:00 p.m. ET.

Topics on the Beat: 

Corporate Studies Asserting Herbicide Safety Show Many Flaws: New Study

"A new analysis of more than 50 previously secret, corporate-backed scientific studies is raising troubling questions about a history of regulatory reliance on such research in assessing the safety of the widely used weedkilling chemical known as glyphosate, the key ingredient in the popular Roundup herbicide."

Source: Guardian, 07/05/2021

"Pacific Northwest Bakes Under Once-In-A-Millennium Heat Dome"

"The heat wave baking the U.S. Pacific Northwest and British Columbia, Canada, is of an intensity never recorded by modern humans. By one measure it is more rare than a once in a 1,000 year event — which means that if you could live in this particular spot for 1,000 years, you'd likely only experience a heat dome like this once, if ever."

Source: CBS News, 06/29/2021


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