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Critics Alarmed by NRC's Bid To Relax Rules On Radioactive Waste

"The federal agency providing oversight of the commercial nuclear sector is attempting to push through a rule change critics say could allow dangerous amounts of radioactive material to be disposed of in places like municipal landfills, with potentially serious consequences to human health and the environment."

Source: Guardian, 05/11/2020

"Curtain Lowers On Nuke Plant A Stone’s Throw From Manhattan"

"With the push of a red button, one of the two operating reactors at an aging nuclear plant serving millions of people in the New York City area will shut down Thursday night as federal regulators consider the owner’s proposal to sell it to a company that plans to demolish it."

Source: AP, 05/01/2020

New Trump Nuclear Plan Favors Uranium Mining Bordering Grand Canyon

"Evergreen forests blanket the Grand Canyon's less traveled northern plateau, and the perfume of Ponderosa pine drifts down a creekbed to the bottom of the great redrock canyon. Downstream, the strangely blue waters of the Little Colorado River meet the main Colorado, coming from the southern plateau close to sacred places for indigenous people who have lived here for centuries. Both plateaus are also where mining companies want to unearth uranium."

Source: InsideClimate News, 04/27/2020

"Report Lays Out Plans To Save Sagging U.S. Nuclear Industry"

"The Trump administration laid out a road map today for bolstering the nation's struggling nuclear industry through far-reaching measures that range from requesting an initial $150 million investment to launch a federal uranium reserve to expanded mining on public lands."

Source: Greenwire, 04/24/2020

"Animal Viruses Are Jumping to Humans. Forest Loss Makes It Easier."

"The destruction of forests into fragmented patches is increasing the likelihood that viruses and other pathogens will jump from wild animals to humans, according to a study from Stanford University published this month."

Source: NY Times, 04/10/2020

"Cleanup of US Nuclear Waste Takes Back Seat As Virus Spreads"

"The U.S. government’s efforts to clean up Cold War-era waste from nuclear research and bomb making at federal sites around the country has lumbered along for decades, often at a pace that watchdogs and other critics say threatens public health and the environment."

Source: AP, 04/06/2020

SEJournal Relaunches WatchDog with a ‘Voice,’ Plus Coronavirus and More

SEJournal welcomes back from hiatus our WatchDog feature, now recast as an opinion column from Joseph A. Davis, Society of Environmental Journalists’ veteran freedom of information advocate and longtime SEJournal contributor. In part one of a two-parter, find out why we’re relaunching the new column, plus get Davis’ take on government openness (or lack thereof) around coronavirus, as well as more on SEJ’s deep commitment to open information and a rundown of its recent FOI activities. And watch for part two next week.

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