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NOAA, BOEM Lay Out Plan To Protect Endangered Whales Amid Wind Power Build

"The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) on Thursday finalized their strategy on the protection of endangered North Atlantic right whales in the offshore wind power development process."

Source: The Hill, 01/26/2024

Canada Tar Sands Are Larger Source of Air Pollution Than Previously Thought

"Canada’s tar sands have gained infamy for being one of the world’s most polluting sources of oil, thanks to the large amounts of energy and water use required for their extraction. A new study says the operations are also emitting far higher levels of a range of air pollutants than previously known, with implications for communities living nearby and far downwind."

Source: Inside Climate News, 01/26/2024

Brazil Orders Vale, BHP, Samarco To Pay $9.7 Bln Damages For Dam Disaster

"A Brazilian federal judge ruled that miners Vale, BHP and their joint venture Samarco must pay 47.6 billion reais ($9.67 billion) in damages for a 2015 tailings dam burst, according to a legal decision on Thursday seen by Reuters."

Source: Reuters, 01/26/2024

Historic and Devastating Drought in the Amazon Was Caused by Climate Change

"Climate change was the primary driver of a massive drought in the Amazon basin in 2023 and will likely cause future extreme droughts, with potentially dire consequences for global efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions, according to a new report from World Weather Attribution."

Source: Inside Climate News, 01/25/2024

"Brazilian Meat Giant With Mega Emissions Races To Attract US Investors"

"An unusual collection of Senate leaders, British lords, environmentalists and a secretive lobbying group is urging the Biden administration to block a Brazilian meat processing giant linked to Amazon deforestation from offering shares to U.S. investors."

Source: E&E News, 01/25/2024

"Migratory Bird Rule Likely Shelved Until After November Election"

"A new rule imposing penalties for migratory bird killings associated with energy development, construction, and poaching is unlikely to be proposed by the Interior Department before the end of the current presidential term, legal experts say."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 01/24/2024

Faithful Work With Environmentalists To Conserve India’s Sacred Forests

"Tambor Lyngdoh made his way through the fern-covered woodland — naming plants, trees, flowers, even stones — as if he were paying older family members a visit. The community leader and entrepreneur was a little boy when his uncle brought him here and said these words: “This forest is your mother.”"

Source: AP, 01/19/2024


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