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"With 2025 Chesapeake Bay Goal Out Of Reach, Region Plans For What’s Next"

"With its 2025 deadline a little more than three years away, environmental leaders are publicly acknowledging what’s been increasingly obvious for years — that the Chesapeake Bay region will for the third time miss a self-imposed cleanup deadline."

Source: Bay Journal, 10/11/2022

Gray Whale Numbers Along West Coast Down Nearly 40% Since 2016

"The number of gray whales migrating along the Pacific Coast of North America has steadily declined by nearly 40% from a 2016 peak, and the population produced its fewest calves on record this year, according to U.S. research released on Friday."

Source: Reuters, 10/10/2022

"‘Forever Chemicals’ In Deer, Fish Challenge Hunters, Tourism"

"Wildlife agencies in the U.S. are finding elevated levels of a class of toxic chemicals in game animals such as deer — and that’s prompting health advisories in some places where hunting and fishing are ways of life and key pieces of the economy."

Source: AP, 10/06/2022

On the Persistence of Ocean Plastics

Concerns about seaborne plastic waste go back decades, but science writer Juli Berwald suggests that myths and disinformation about sources and solutions continue to cloud the waters. From lentil-sized nurdles to sprawling fishing nets, 200 million tons of plastic now fill the ocean and, for her, it has become evident that the ocean plastics story is really a land story. But will the newly signed international treaty on plastics offer relief?

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Arizona Tribe And Biologists Rescue The Apache Trout From Near Extinction

"The White Mountain Apache reservation stretches across about 1.24 million acres in eastern Arizona, rising at its highest point to 11,000 feet above sea level. It is the only place in the world where the state fish of Arizona lives in its natural habitat ."

Source: Arizona Republic, 09/30/2022


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