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Indigenous Inspire Amazon City To Grant Personhood To An Endangered River

"On the banks of the Komi Memem River, the activity never ceases: women go down the embankment from Laje Velho village carrying basins to wash clothing, while men embark in small canoes on hunting and fishing expeditions. At day’s end, it’s the children’s turn to dive into its tea-colored waters."

Source: , 08/09/2023

"There’s A Crisis Unfolding In Florida's Waters. DeSantis Hasn’t Said A Word."

"The GOP governor and presidential candidate has touted his environmental and economic credentials. He’s ignoring an environmental and economic disaster at home."

Source: HuffPost, 08/07/2023

South Florida Waters Hit Hot Tub Temps, May Set World Seawater Record

"The water temperature around the tip of Florida has hit triple digits — hot tub levels — two days in a row. Meteorologists say it could be the hottest seawater ever measured, although some questions about the reading remain."

Source: AP, 07/27/2023

15 Billion Gallons/Yr Of Sewage-Polluted Water Flows Into Philly Rivers

"Each year, Philadelphia's waterways are forced to swallow a dirty mix containing 15 billion gallons of untreated sewage and rainwater during storms because of an antiquated city system, according to a report released Thursday by PennEnvironment."

Source: Philadelphia Inquirer, 07/24/2023

"The World’s Moving Closer To Deep-Sea Mining. There Are No Rules."

"With a Canadian company preparing a bid to mine the Pacific Ocean for minerals needed for electric vehicle batteries, an international oversight agency is meeting in Jamaica this month to come up with permitting rules."

Source: E&E News, 07/24/2023


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