Climate Change

"An Array of New Interests Joins Washington's Climate Change Debate"

"The next round of the battle over climate change policy on Capitol Hill will involve more than the usual suspects. Way more. Watch soup makers face off against steel companies. Witness the folks who pump gas from the ground fight back against those who dig up rock. And watch the venture capitalists who have money riding on new technology try to gain advantage in a game that so far has been deftly controlled by the old machine."
Source: Center for Public Integrity, 12/29/2009

Regional Climate Impacts and Implications — General Sources

Climate Wizard. A team of researchers from the Univ. of Washington, the Univ. of Southern Mississippi, and the Nature Conservancy has provided a tool for attempting to predict the effects of climate change at the regional and state level. They call their tool Climate Wizard, as noted in the June 10, 2009, TipSheet. The Web site allows users to check predictions based on varying degrees of climate change.

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