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"European Union Approves Ambitious Nature Restoration Law"

"The European Union strengthened its environmental policies this week with adoption of a nature restoration law that member countries hope will help them meet climate and biodiversity targets set under the 2015 Paris Agreement and a global biodiversity agreement reached late last year."

Source: Inside Climate News, 07/14/2023

"Birds Get Revenge By Using Anti-Bird Spikes In Nests"

"In cities around the world, anti-bird spikes are used to protect statues and balconies from unwanted birds - but now, it appears the birds are getting their own back. Dutch researchers have found that some birds use the spikes as weapons around their nests - using them to keep pests away in the same way that humans do."

Source: BBC News, 07/13/2023

"U.S. Animal Industries Pose Disease Risks to People, Report Says"

"The United States is home to an enormous array of animal industries — including industrial agriculture, fur farming and the exotic pet trade — that pose a significant risk of creating infectious disease outbreaks in humans, according to a new report by experts at Harvard Law School and New York University."

Source: NYTimes, 07/07/2023

Ursine Odyssey Seeks Insight Into Future for Bears

A new book takes readers around the planet to better understand the world’s eight bear species and our relationships with them, including not just how we’ve popularized some but also the many ways we’ve mistreated or pushed others to the brink of extinction. In the new BookShelf, Frances Backhouse reviews Gloria Dickie’s just-published volume, “Eight Bears.” Plus, Freelance Files interviews Dickie.

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