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"Mining Covers More Than 20% Of Indigenous Territory In The Amazon"

"Mining, both legal and illegal, impinges on more than one-fifth of Indigenous territory in the Amazon, according to a new study from the World Resources Institute (WRI) and the Amazon Geo-Referenced Socio-Environmental Information Network (RAISG)."

Source: Mongabay, 10/13/2020

“Diary of a Young Naturalist”

With the heart of a naturalist, the head of a scientist and the weary bones of someone watching the destruction of the natural world, a prize-winning writer shares insights into the environment … and into a mind shaped by autism. That writer, by the way, is just 16 years old. BookShelf’s Melody Kemp reviews “Diary of a Young Naturalist.” 

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"Forests: Concerns Grow About Herbicide Use In Wildfires' Wake"

"First, the wildfires came to California and Oregon, scorching hundreds of thousands of acres of national forests. Next, weeds will sprout on those blackened lands. They'll be followed quickly by chemical weedkillers like glyphosate, as the Forest Service tries to make trees grow again."

Source: E&E News, 10/09/2020
October 6, 2020 to October 8, 2020

North American Invasive Species Management Association Annual Conference

The North American Invasive Species Management Association (NAISMA) is holding its 27th Annual Conference virtually. Addressing a wide variety of invasive species management and policy concerns, the conference offers professional development and networking opportunities to invasive species managers in North America and beyond.


"Elusive Eastern Black Rail Threatened By Rising Sea Levels"

"The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service declared the Eastern black rail a threatened species on Wednesday, but stopped short of the stronger protections some environmentalists were seeking for the elusive bird, now imperiled by habitat destruction, sea level rise, and the increasing frequency and intensity of storms with climate change."

Source: AP, 10/08/2020

Long-Delayed Trump USGS Study Finds That Climate Threatens Polar Bears

"After stalling for months, a top Trump official released a polar bear study by government scientists Friday that highlights the endangered animals’ vulnerability to climate change and the fact that proposed oil drilling in Alaska would probably encroach on their habitat, causing more stress."

Source: Washington Post, 10/05/2020


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