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House Sends Two Resolutions Overturning Endangered Species Rules To Biden

"The House voted Thursday to overturn two Biden administration Endangered Species Act (ESA) rules, sending the resolution to the president, who has vowed to veto them. The two rules apply to federal protections for the lesser prairie chicken and the northern long-eared bat, respectively."

Source: The Hill, 07/28/2023

"A Half-Million Americans May Have Tick-Linked Meat Allergy, C.D.C. Says"

"As many as 450,000 Americans may be living with alpha-gal syndrome, a meat allergy that has been linked to tick bites, with many of those people going undiagnosed, according to two new studies from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention."

Source: NYTimes, 07/28/2023

"Bug-Eating Venus Flytrap Won’t Get Endangered Species Protection"

"The Venus flytrap—a toothy, insect-eating plant native to wet pine forests in the Carolinas—will not be protected under the Endangered Species Act, the US Fish and Wildlife Service said Monday in a decision that refutes the findings of 26 scientists who petitioned for the plant’s protection."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 07/25/2023

"11 Wild Horses Dead After Helicopter Chase During Federal Roundup"

"Nearly a dozen wild horses have died in the first 10 days of a big mustang roundup in Nevada, deaths that a Las Vegas congresswoman is calling tragic proof of the urgent need to outlaw helicopters to capture the animals on federal land."

Source: AP, 07/21/2023


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