House Narrowly Passes Biden’s Social Safety Net and Climate Bill

"The House on Friday narrowly passed the centerpiece of President Biden’s domestic agenda, approving $2 trillion in spending over the next decade to battle climate change, expand health care and reweave the nation’s social safety net, over the unanimous opposition of Republicans."

Source: Washington Post, 11/19/2021

"EPA Overturns Approval Of Mississippi Yazoo Pumps Project"

"The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said Wednesday it has overturned the approval of a massive flood-control project in the south Mississippi Delta that officials said was erroneously greenlit in the final days of the Trump administration."

Source: AP, 11/18/2021

"After Record Low, Monarch Butterflies Return To California"

"There is a ray of hope for the vanishing orange-and-black Western monarch butterflies. The number wintering along California’s central coast is bouncing back after the population, whose presence is often a good indicator of ecosystem health, reached an all-time low last year."

Source: AP, 11/18/2021

"New Energy Regulator Gets Tie-Breaking Vote on Grid’s Future"

"Willie Phillips, confirmed Tuesday night to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, is poised to be the tie-breaking vote on two proceedings that will shape the future of the U.S. power grid, electric markets and the clean energy rollout."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 11/18/2021

"Biden’s First — and Maybe Last — Gulf Oil Sale Draws Big Bids"

"Oil companies spent $191.7 million buying drilling rights in the Gulf of Mexico on Wednesday, during a robust government auction that underscored the industry’s appetite for new crude as the White House seeks to shifts the U.S. away from fossil fuels."

Source: Bloomberg, 11/18/2021


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