Chemical Recycling “A Dangerous Deception” Amid Plastic Pollution: Report

"Chemical recycling — an umbrella term used to describe processes that break plastic waste down into molecular building blocks with high heat or chemicals and convert them into new products — will not help reduce plastic pollution, but rather exacerbate environmental problems, according to a new report by nonprofit environmental advocacy groups Beyond Plastics and the International Pollutants Elimination Network (IPEN)."

Source: EHN, 11/01/2023

Democrats Ask For Review Of Environmental Threat From ‘Zombie’ Coal Mines

"Sen. John Fetterman (D-Pa.) and seven House Democrats asked the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to review potential environmental damages caused by idled coal mines."

Source: The Hill, 10/24/2023
October 24, 2023

Webinar: Assessing the Risk of PFAS From Land Applied Biosolids Vs. Other Common Exposure Pathways

The Mid-Atlantic Biosolids Association (MABA) and the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association invite journalists to a webinar at Noon ET examining the benefits of land-applied biosolids vs. the consequences of ineffectual land application bans in the name of reducing PFAS exposure.


"800,000 Tons Of Radioactive Waste From Pennsylvania Drilling Goes 'Missing'"

"Waste from the oil and gas industry contains toxic and radioactive substances. Disposal of this waste is supposed to be carefully tracked, but 800,000 tons of oil and gas waste from Pennsylvania oil and gas wells is unaccounted for, according to a recent study."

Source: EHN, 10/13/2023

Oil Firms Helped Craft Texas’ New Waste Rules For 2 Years Before The Public

"State regulators on Monday released their draft rules for what to do with all the hazardous oilfield waste that’s left over once a well is drilled. The announcement gives the public one month to comment on the new rules — while some industry representatives started giving input more than two years ago, documents and interviews show."

Source: Texas Tribune, 10/05/2023

EPA Opens Civil Rights Probe Into Alabama’s Management Of Sewage Funds

"The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will investigate possible racial discrimination in Alabama’s management of funds that can be used to bolster sewage infrastructure."

Source: The Hill, 10/05/2023

Youngstown Council Unanimously Nixes ‘Dangerous’ Tire Pyrolysis Plant

"The Youngstown City Council approved a resolution on Wednesday night opposing an “advanced recycling” plant that would have used a process called pyrolysis to burn old tires to make steam for heating and cooling downtown buildings."

Source: Inside Climate News, 09/25/2023


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