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SEJ Member Spotlight: Patricia Sagastume

Our second member spotlight goes on independent producer and reporter Patricia Sagastume, whose blog covers South Florida issues. Her recent radio piece, which aired on the independent WLRN Miami Herald News, offers a unique perspective on the potential of wind farms to stimulate jobs and tourism in economically depressed communities. Have a listen!


"The Key Ingredient in Oil Drilling? Water"

"They say oil and water don't mix, but when it comes to oil and gas drilling, water and oil are practically joined at the hip. It takes millions of gallons of water to drill a well. Water is the 'hydraulic' in the hydraulic fracturing process used to release oil and gas deposits. Disposing of wastewater is a costly challenge for drillers. And, at every step along the way, preventing groundwater contamination is the paramount concern for inspectors and regulators."

Source: Colorado Springs Gazette, 04/30/2012

"As Demand Rises, Ohio’s Steel Mills Shake Off the Rust and Expand"

"CANTON, Ohio — The Ohio steel industry, led by a drilling boom in the gas and oil industry and a resuscitated demand for cars and light trucks, is growing again. Steel makers across the state are racing to keep pace with plans to add a total of two million square feet of production space at a cost of $1.5 billion."

Source: NY Times, 04/26/2012

Oil Boom Brings Crime as Well as Jobs on Great Plains

"GLASGOW, Mont. — Drug crimes in eastern Montana have more than doubled. Assaults in Dickinson, N.D., have increased fivefold in just two years. And the once-sleepy town of Plentywood, Mont., has seen three assaults with weapons in the past few months — a prospect previously unheard of in the tiny community tucked against the Canada border.

Source: AP, 04/25/2012


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