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House Republicans Field Transportation Bill Favoring Oil and Gas

"U.S. House Republican leaders proposed a $260 billion transportation spending bill Tuesday, but its prospects are slim because of controversy over provisions to allow heavier trucks and to pay for new projects with expanded oil and gas production. The bill is important for all 50 states, including Louisiana, because it sets spending parameters for transportation financing critical to repairing and upgrading roadways. The bill also is one of the federal government's biggest job-generators.

Source: New Orleans Times-Picayune, 02/02/2012

Talks Delay Rules for Power Plant, Refinery GHG Limits

One day, EPA may propose rules for regulating greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and petroleum refineries. But the process continues to drag out, with the consent of the state and local governments and environmental advocacy groups that have been litigating for about five years to make the agency take action.

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"Waning Support for Wind and Solar"

"Assisted by technological innovation and years of subsidies, the cost of wind and solar power has fallen sharply — so much so that the two industries say that they can sometimes deliver cleaner electricity at prices competitive with power made from fossil fuels. At the same time, wind and solar companies are telling Congress that they cannot be truly competitive and keep creating jobs without a few more years of government support."

Source: NY Times, 01/27/2012
February 6, 2012

AJC NY Presents Digging Deeper: The Fracking Controversy

The American Jewish Committee (AJC) NY Energy Committee presents Digging Deeper: The Fracking Debate - Balancing the benefits of accessing shale assets with the importance of implementing effective measures to protect the environment. 5:30 p.m. with light refreshments.


March 5, 2023

DEADLINE: Heinrich Böll Foundation's Transatlantic Media Fellowships

The fellowships support journalists in researching stories in the EU. It has a strong focus on recruiting journalists with diverse backgrounds who might not otherwise have the opportunity to do international reporting. In 2023, policy areas include Climate & Energy Policy and Transition in Agriculture. €3,000 stipend. Apply by Mar 5.


"California Air Board To Vote on Landmark Electric-Car Rules"

"In a move that could reshape the American automobile industry, California regulators Thursday are expected to approve sweeping new rules requiring that 15 percent of new cars sold in California by 2025 run on electricity, hydrogen or other systems producing little or no smog."

"The regulations by the California Air Resources Board, dubbed the 'advanced clean car rules,' would start in 2018, ramping up each year and ultimately resulting in 1.4 million 'zero emission' vehicles on California roads by 2025. Today there are only about 10,000 such vehicles in the state. ...

Source: San Jose Mercury News, 01/26/2012

Some Secret CRS Reports You May Want To Read

Here, courtesy of the Federation of American Scientists, are some recent Congressional Research Service backgrounders that may be useful to environment/energy reporters, on chemical facility security, nuclear power plant design and seismic safety considerations, and proposed Keystone XL pipeline legal issues.

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