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April 26, 2013

DEADLINE: IJNR's Crown of the Continent Institute for Journalists

The Institutes for Journalism & Natural Resources' welcomes applications by April 26th for its Crown of the Continent Institute, a five-day, expenses-paid journey (June 26-30, 2013) exploring environmental issues in Montana's Rocky Mountain Front.


"Obama's Budget Nixes New Money For Program That Funded Solyndra"

"WASHINGTON -- In a quiet shift from the past two years, President Barack Obama's 2013 budget includes no new money for the Department of Energy loan guarantee program, the same program that House Republicans have scrutinized for losing more than $500 million in taxpayer dollars to the now-defunct solar power company, Solyndra."

Source: Huffington Post, 02/15/2012

"TransCanada's Keystone Pipeline Schedule Extended Again"

TransCanada Corp, the backer of the Keystone XL pipeline project, on Tuesday again pushed back its already delayed schedule for building the pipeline. That may signal that the company believes current GOP gymnastics in Congress, trying to force the pipeline to be built, will have little effect -- but that conditions will be more favorable after the 2012 election.

Source: Reuters, 02/15/2012

"Congressman Introduces Bills To Stop US Natgas Exports"

"The United States should stop exports of natural gas to prevent domestic prices from rising, Democratic Congressman Edward Markey said on Tuesday while introducing two bills in the House of Representatives to prevent shipments.

The bills, which would face an uphill battle in the Republican-controlled House, come as U.S. regulators consider applications for exports of a glut of natural gas that has weighed down prices and caused some companies to step back from drilling.

Source: Reuters, 02/15/2012

"Activists Assault New Keystone XL Pipeline Bill"

"With the U.S. Senate poised to begin debate on a bill that would greenlight the controversial Keystone XL pipeline as early as Tuesday, activists and other citizens have barraged the Senate with more than 350,000 petitions opposing the legislation in less than five hours. [Ed. Note: the count surpassed 500,000 a few hours later.]"

Source: LA Times, 02/14/2012


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