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Nuke Meltdown: Over-Control of Information and Media Hysteria

"Two outlets today nailed issues raised by the behavior of Japan’s government leaders and the utility company whose Fukushima Deiichi power station is suffering multiple losses of control and breached containment, and the behavior of many and perhaps most media in trying to tell the story, warn the public, and stay within the bounds of reason."

Is Corporate Ghostwriting of Journal Articles a Threat to Environmental Information?

Before picking up stories based on journals in the environmental sciences, reporters might pause to ask about those journals' policies on transparency and potential conflict of interest. And then ask about enforcement, and any relevant conflict declarations on the article in question.

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"Study: Pollution Rules Will Create Jobs, Push Up Rates"

"Proposed rules governing air pollution generated by the nation's power providers could cost the industry nearly $200 billion in upgrades and new, cleaner generation but provide four to eight times that amount in economic benefits, with Tennessee being one of the big winners, according to a recent study."

Source: Knoxville News Sentinel, 03/07/2011

"Author Explains History Behind Tunnel Disaster"

An author tells the story of the Hawks Nest, WV, hydroelectric tunnel, whose drilling Union Carbide began in 1927. It was run as a mining operation, but not regulated by any government agency. Of the 5,000 men who worked on the tunnel over 18 months, at least 764 men, mostly African-American migrant workers, died of the industrial disease silicosis, well known even then. Managers wore protective masks during inspection visits, but did not provide any to workers. The company hired doctors to tell the men it was their fault, and buried them in unmarked mass graves. West Virginia kept the story out of the state's history curriculum until last year.

Source: Beckley Register-Herald, 03/07/2011

"House Oversight Democrats Bait GOP Over Troubled Oil-Lease Program"

Some House Democrats, citing a GAO report, say Republicans should start their efforts to reduce the deficit by collecting the money legally owed the Treasury by oil and gas companies who profit from taxpayer-owned resources they extract. For decades, oil companies have been underpaying.

Source: Greenwire, 03/04/2011


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