Honeywell, Simplot Plan To Build Plant to Make Safe Fertilizer

"Honeywell and fertilizer maker J.R. Simplot have agreed to build the first commercial facility for Sulf-N 26, a granular fertilizer that is comparable to ammonium nitrate but would be ineffective as a bomb material. Ammonium nitrate combined with fuel oil was used in the bomb that destroyed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995."

Source: C&EN, 12/12/2011

Climate: Trends Point To a Planet Increasingly Hostile To Agriculture

"A host of data – from sediment cores to ongoing drought in East Africa to computer models – point to one conclusion: Our increasingly hotter, drier planet is going to be a tough place to farm."

Douglas Fischer reports for The Daily Climate December 5, 2011.


"Three-Quarters of Climate Change Is Man-Made" (Nature News)

Source: Daily Climate, 12/06/2011

"Atrazine In Water Tied To Menstrual Irregularities, Low Hormones"

"Women who drink water contaminated with low levels of the weed-killer atrazine may be more likely to have irregular menstrual cycles and low estrogen levels, scientists concluded in a new study. The most widely used herbicide in the United States, atrazine is frequently detected in surface and ground water, particularly in agricultural areas of the Midwest. The newest research, which compared women in Illinois farm towns to women in Vermont, adds to the growing scientific evidence linking atrazine to altered hormones."

Source: EHN, 11/28/2011


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